We Are a Sunglass Boutique.

Freckle Eyewear…Elegance Defined. FRECKLE EYEWEAR is a Sunglass Boutique positioned to serve the world’s most discerning men and women, representing a one-stop shop for all the authentic, premium, glamour, classic, fashion and lifestyle allure. FRECKLE EYEWEAR is the ultimate world-class eyewear destination. Wear your sunglasses with peace of mind. FRECKLE EYEWEAR, the home of authenticity!
Freckle Eyewear…Elegance Defined.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to be an exclusive sunglass boutique with proven exceptional service that offers premium brands and a unique selection of stylish eyewear for customers around the globe which is presented in the most style invoking environment to enable them to express their unique personalities.

Elegance Defined.

For premium and classic style, Freckle Eyewear is the ultimate world-class sunglass eyewear destination. We offer the most globally iconic and premium eyewear brands.

Look Good Feel Better.

We stock the trendiest and the most current brands, designs and ranges in the market today. With Freckle Eyewear, our discerning customers can express their own personalities.